June 10, 2022

Artwork Finds New Home at Mercy Circle

Artwork Finds New Home at Mercy Circle


A statue that was on display at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital for nearly 20 years has found its new permanent home at the Mercy Circle Retirement Facility on the City’s south side. The statue had been commissioned to commemorate the hospital’s 150th anniversary and the Sisters of Mercy.

Last summer, Henry Bros. Co. donated its services to build a permanent foundation at Mercy Circle and moved the eight-foot bronze statue to its new home where it now greets residents and guests at the front entrance. It is a full-circle moment for Henry Bros. who built Mercy Circle in 2011. The statue was commissioned by the Morgan Murphy family and was designed by artist Linae Frei, alumna and former chairperson of Saint Xavier University’s Art and Design Department.

Also last summer, Henry Bros. Co. moved a large, wrought iron mural from the former Mercy Hospital’s chapel to the Mercy Circle site. This piece features images depicting significant moments of Jesus’ life on earth. It now graces the courtyard at Mercy Circle sitting just outside of the Illinois Room where many events and activities take place. To secure the piece, the HBCo team had to remove extensive landscaping and dig a foundation to secure the freestanding artwork.  Images of the reverse side of the statue and the mural are shown below.

In addition to building Mercy Circle, Henry Bros. Co. constructed and renovated many of Saint Xavier University’s most prominent buildings.



Back of bronze statue at Mercy Circle.    Wrought iron mural at Mercy Circle.     Close up of mural art