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Project Approach and Services

From the earliest stages, our approach is  to ‘build it correctly on paper before starting construction.’  As a result, we focus on giving you the control you need over the project’s schedule, scope, cost, and quality. This requires comprehensive preconstruction services and definitive planning during the design phase to ensure the maximum program for the best cost possible.

Our preconstruction specialists help translate your project goals into design and construction decisions. We offer a continuous flow of cost data, value engineering ideas, and constructability options. As the project develops, we give you increased options for better decisions and early assurance of meeting cost, schedule, and quality goals.

What We Do

We are a full service contractor providing a complete range of pre-construction and construction services.

Preconstruction Services

Some of the most critical decisions are made early in the process. It’s easy to cost and schedule the scope you can see, but can you identify the hidden cost issues?

  • We will ‘dig’ into all facets of the project and uncover the less obvious costs related to issues such as project phasing or site logistics.
  • We will document our assumptions as needed to fill the gaps and provide a comprehensive recap of cost, quantity, and schedule.
  • When you are armed with a thorough understanding of whether or not your goals are on track, you can more effectively inform the design team and make the key decisions on time.

Critical Path Scheduling

A schedule should be properly tailored to the project with the appropriate amount of detail to ensure guidance and accountability.

  • Construction projects are actually a complex network of smaller schedules that make up the whole.
  • The ability to assemble, communicate, monitor, and modify these ‘micro-schedules’ effectively throughout the course of the project, without losing sight of the overall goal, is the key.

Estimating / Competitive Bidding

From conceptual budgets to competitive bids, we offer the right blend of in-house estimating ability and solid input from subcontractors.

  • A well-thought-out estimate or bid using the right subcontractors sets the stage for a smooth project.
  • Experience and communication are the basis of any good pricing effort. Subcontractors will do their best for a builder that can remove as many unknowns as possible.
  • We know we are only as good as the team of subcontractors we bring to the project so we select our vendors carefully.

Value Engineering / Constructability Reviews

Whether the project is in schematic design or in construction, there are always methods to provide savings while maintaining and, sometimes, even enhancing the final product.

  • While early value engineering typically yields the biggest cost reductions, the collaborative efforts of the Owner, Designer, and Contractor should yield savings or, at least, prevent a change order.
  • Coordinating and tailoring the multitude of details in a typical set of construction documents requires effort on everyone’s part, but getting it right before construction begins is invaluable.

Construction Supervision & Project Management

The project needs a project management-superintendent team that can work effectively for you. Our approach for this team is based on the premise that neither one outranks the other.

  • In addition to their own unique duties, they are typically responsible for ‘two sides of the same coin.’
  • The Superintendent is the final authority in the field. Scheduling the work, administering our Safety Plan, and monitoring adherence to the contract documents are the main priorities.
  • The Project Manager is responsible for project documentation, keeping the Owner and Design Team informed, and typically has the final word on project costs.
  • Since neither one can perform effectively without the other, we strive to maintain this partnership of trust, experience, and pursuit of the common goal.

Self Perform Work

As a builder, the ability to self perform key aspects of the work can be very useful. We self perform demolition, excavation, concrete, carpentry, and general labor.

  • In addition to having the option to provide key portions of the project in-house, our ability to provide direct labor and materials can help with solutions to last-minute challenges.
  • The final benefit is the added insight we gain by constant exposure to actual costs and ever-changing technological and safety issues.
  • Without this insight, a contractor is out of touch and becomes totally reliant on the capabilities of subcontractors.

Project Closeout & Commissioning

Maintaining momentum after the completion of a challenging project can be difficult without proper management and proactive control.

  • The key is to get subcontractors to provide as-builts (updated monthly) and warranty information in a timely manner and avoid frustrations for the Owner and Design Team.
  • We look for ways to start the closeout process well before substantial completion.
  • In addition to any staff training and commissioning requirements, we work with the Design Team, the governing municipality, and the subcontractors to organize the various items that will be needed.
  • By starting early, the big effort at the end is reduced and the process of providing closure goes more efficiently.

With every project, safety is always first.

The safety of every person in and around a construction site is our highest priority. Our safety professionals are responsible for implementing and maintaining our safety program which must be fully supported and followed by everyone on site. Moreover, we keep pace with background check requirements, federal database searches, and drug screening of field personnel.


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