Evergreen Park High School

Henry Bros. Co. completed a 14,500 S.F. renovation of the science classrooms at Evergreen Park Community High School converting them into STEM Labs.

The school now has six new laboratories consisting of three life science labs, two chemistry labs, one physics lab, one STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) lab, and an exhibition center.

The space was designed to be flexible. The exhibition center provides break-out space for small groups and student presentations and has movable marker boards and two large TVs for displays on global science topics, and notices of school activities.

Each laboratory is equipped with a SMART Board, a document reader, and a teacher station. A technology flex station is a movable control panel for the room. Movable furniture, floor outlets, and windows allow students to see the learning spaces resulting in a 21st-century learning experience.Ev


Evergreen Park Community High School District 231


Evergreen Park, IL


K-12 Education

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General Contracting


DLA Architects, Ltd.

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