December 22, 2023

Retirement News

Retirement News

Henry Bros. Co. wishes a long and happy retirement to Baldemar Ceja, a member of the concrete crew for nearly 20 years. Baldemar, who goes by Baldy, is a skilled tradesman who is known not only for his work ethic but for having an extremely positive attitude.

“We will definitely miss him,” said Henry Bros. Co. General Superintendent Rick Kohler. “Baldy brought energy and positivity to work every day.”

Baldy’s skill and hard work translate to his passion for working with “dancing” horses, which he will devote more time to in his native Mexico. He also looks forward to spending time with his beloved family.


The Henry Bros. Co. concrete crew: Adam Parker, left, Baldy Ceja, Gino Zaccaro, and Adrian Sudol