Five-year Capital Improvement Project at Oak Park River Forest High School

Henry Bros. Co. completed a five-year capital improvement project that featured numerous renovations and life safety updates at Oak Park River Forest High School. The sprawling school building had undergone prior decades of renovation and expansion. To achieve success with this new project, a knowledgeable builder with the finesse to work successfully under a variety of conditions, and with various materials and building methods was required.

Each year, Henry Bros. targeted specific areas for improvement. This included life safety work to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of students and staff. Aesthetic improvements were made to enhance the building’s beauty while mechanical updates were made to meet current standards and technology.

Over the five-year period, HBCo completed the following: HVAC, plumbing, electrical improvements, roof replacement, wheelchair and pool lifts, ceiling and light replacements, tuckpointing, floor tile abatement, and replacement, fire alarm and air handler upgrades, masonry restoration, restroom upgrades, wood shop dust collection renovation, basement level updates to electrical panels and water main, new IDF system renovations and cabling, photo lab upgrades, and much more.

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